Manfred Stienstra

Manfred Stienstra I'm a developer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I work at Fingertips where we develop clean and easy to use web, IOS and desktop applications. My job allows me to work on a wide variety of things like code, information architecture, technical writing, and interaction design.

In the past I've actively contributed to Ruby on Rails and worked on multibyte support in Ruby in general. I still contribute to open-source software, but nowadays I'm mostly occupied with development tools and handy libraries.

Passenger Preference Pane A preference pane for Mac OS X which enables you to configure Rails and Rack applications on your webserver.
Broach A library for interacting with the Campfire API.
Nap A really simple ReST library
Authorization-san A plugin for authorization in a ReSTful Ruby on Rails application
Unichars A library that wraps Glib2 Unicode functions to implement fast and safe string operations on UTF-8 strings
Moksi A library for mocking and stubbing in JavaScript. Makes your tests awesome.

You can find more projects on my GitHub profile and Fingertips' GitHub profile.